Call for Papers
Our Conference provides a chance for academic and industry professionals to discuss recent progress in the area of Cloud-Computing and Super-Computing.

Topics of Conference

The main topics include but will not be limited to: (Excellent surveying works in these areas are welcome, too.)

Application Cloud
Architectural Models for Utility Computing
Business Cloud
Business computing in the cloud
Cloud Applications in Vertical Industries
Cloud capacity planning
Cloud Computing Architecture
Cloud Computing Consulting Methods
Cloud resource brokering and scheduling
Cloud Security
Cloud Standard
Cloud support for mobile applications and Content Delivery Networks
Cloud use case studies
Cloud-related virtualization issues
Data Security, Privacy, and Jurisdiction in the Cloud
Deployment, maintenance, and management of cloud resources and services
Design Tool for Cloud Computing
Infrastructure, Platform, Software, Storage as a Service
Innovative cloud service and pricing models
Interoperability between different Utility Computing Platforms including Grids, and Clouds
Maintenance and Management of Cloud Computing
New parallel / concurrent programming models for cloud computing
Novel applications of cloud computing, including games and social networks
Novel architectural models for cloud computing
Novel cloud programming models
Performance monitoring for cloud applications
Portability of applications and data between different cloud providers
Principles of Utility Computing
Reliability of applications and services running on the cloud
Scientific computing in the cloud
Service-Oriented Architecture in Cloud Computing
Social computing in the cloud
Software Cloud
Supercomputing Applications
Supercomputing Architecture
Supercomputing capacity planning
Supercomputing Consulting Methods
Supercomputing Networks
Supercomputing resource brokering and scheduling
Supercomputing Security
Supercomputing Standard
Supercomputing use case studies
Support for scalable and elastic cloud services
Virtualization of Software Resources
Virtualization of Hardware Resources


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