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SMART DSC-2018   

2nd International Conference on Smart Technologies in Data Science and Communication (SMART DSC-2018) will be held on December 6-8, 2018 at Vignan's Institute of information Technology, Visakhapatnam.

About the Conference:

Knowledge in engineering sciences is about sharing our ideas of research to others. In engineering, it has many ways to exhibit. In that conference is the best way to propose your idea of research and its future scope, it is the best way to add energy to build strong and innovative future. So, here we are to give a small support from our side to confer your ideas by an "International Conference on Smart Technologies in Data Science And Communication (Smart DSC-2018)". Related to Electrical, Electronics, Information Technology and Computer Science. It is not confined to a specific topic or region, you can exhibit your ideas in similar or mixed or related technologies bloomed from anywhere around the world because "An idea can change the future and its implementation can build it". VIIT College is a great platform to make your Idea(s) penetrated into world. We give as best as we can in every aspect related. Our environment leads you to a path on your idea, our people will lead your confidence and finally we give our best to make yours. Our intention is to make Intelligence in engineering to fly higher and higher. That is why we are dropping our completeness into event. You can trust us on your confidentiality.



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